Debunking 5 Myths About Why IT Leasing Is Bad for Business

Our previous article on the Top three worst excuses to avoid IT leasing exposed the most common excuses that we hear for not leasing IT gear from a policy point of view, but what about from a practical point of view? Are the reasons companies and SME’s give for not leasing really valid?

1. “Won’t it end up costing me more?”

No, monthly payments will pretty much always total up to more than the equipment costs to buy – but this is a very one-dimensional view. When it comes to business, the total paid doesn’t always equate to the total cost. Sounds like some weird quantum maths going on… However, when you take into account the differences in tax exemption between leasing and buying, the cost of upkeep and the expense of flogging your obsolete equipment on the secondary market, leasing tends to work out cheaper.

2. “It’s better to own my equipment”

Not true! Keeping in mind what’s best for business, the main problem is: What’s the real benefit of owning the equipment outright? In the knowledge that it will become out-dated in three years!

Intuition tells you that an asset owned is better than an asset borrowed, but in this case it is not true. In your industry, if you own the asset, the onus is on you to keep it in good working order and to shift it once it is redundant – a headache no one wants to deal with. Besides, do you have the technical expertise to refurbish the equipment for the secondary market or will it more likely end up in the skip? A Financial Services provider worth its salt will offer to buy your IT deadweight and dispose of your redundant hardware free-of-charge.

3. “I’d have less visibility over leased equipment”

Exactly the opposite! You are handing over the time-consuming and complex management and oversight to a supplier – but you see everything through one window, with IT leasing losing an overview is not the case. Software allows you to manage and keep track of your entire IT ecosystem, right down to the serial number and full spec of the PC, monitor and mobile device provided to an employee of the business. It allows IT managers to be the master of their own IT universe – tracking machine performance, updating schedules, usage, redundancy and so on.

4. “It is just another contract to manage”

Some services can consolidate and centralise all of your IT contracts and warranties with your various vendors.

5. “I thought going straight to the manufacturer would be cheaper?”

Manufacturers, such as Dell, do sometimes offer their own leasing contracts. It seems obvious that a lease direct from the manufacturer would be cheaper. However, in a more modestly sized supplier, there are actually fewer overheads and complex costings, which means a better price can be on the table over that of a manufacturer. You are free to choose any equipment you like, regardless of brand.

The Key To Successful List Building

In this era relationships and relationship building are what we are all about.

Certainly, doing business successfully online or offline requires a good deal of relationship building in terms of not only your prospects and customers but also your affiliates or referral partners.

It’s a fact that even in today’s fast moving technological world, when it all boils down to it. People still buy people, and that is why building list building the right way is so important to the level of success that you will enjoy in business both online and offline, but especially online.

People don’t like to be sold to but they still like to buy. They don’t want to be pursued and interrupted but they are happy to be involved in a non threatening relationship with someone who can give them lots of value for free and then, once the trust has built up… they will be ready to buy.

The downside is that this list building and relationship stuff takes a little time but it’s worth it because, once you have established trust and credibility you will sell more, more often and for a higher amount on each transaction so the effort is worth it. So let’s talk a little more about the specifics of list building.

OK, well we have discussed the reasons why and the benefits to both you and the customer, so how about discussing the how of effective list building?

Well, firstly you need to decide on an autoresponder and there are a very many choices out there so it pays to do you due diligence and check out the options thoroughly before making a decision on which autoresponder to use.

But just important as which autoresponder to use if the knowledge of how best to use it. There is a way to communicate via autoresponder that is the right mix of free high value content and sales offers. This ration is typically 80/20 in favour of non sales high value information. So, typically out of every 5 emails you send out to your list just 1 would contain an offer of a paid product or service, the rest must ideally offer free value and lot of it.

Here’s how it should work…

You get a visitor to your website or squeeze page and he or she opts in to your email autoresponder list as a result of the free report or whatever that you are offering in return for their email address, or their name and email address. By the way… don’t go for too much information at this early stage as you are just beginning your relationship with your new subscriber and they probably don’t trust you too much just yet. I would recommend no more than just name and email at this stage.

OK, once that has been done, your new subscriber should receive 4 to 5 email from you which support the free value he or she has received and adds some more to it. Now the 5th or 6th email from you should make an offer for a paid product or service that is ideally related in some way related to the free offer they accepted from you at the outset. Remember that is what brought them in at the outset so you know this is a point of interest.

Too many internet marketers completely ignore this advice and just offer some paid product that he little or no relevance to the initial product taken by the subscriber and as such, experience many unsubscribes because the content has no interest to the person who has opted in. It’s a crazy practice and yet I see so many doing it.

To be honest… until I really understood this stuff myself I was doing it too!

It’s really not rocket science though. Just keep feeding your subscribers new content that is related to their area of interest and occasionally drop them an offer for a paid product or service related to that area. Use your free report of whatever as the lead generator that brings these people into your list in the first place and keep driving traffic to that lead generation.

Bear in the mind that the industry standard comes in at about $1 per name on your list per month. In others words, for every 1000 people on your list you should at least $1000 per month.

Can you see why it would be a good idea to build your own list now?

Remember, Google may slap you and Facebook may kick you in the teeth by changing the way it does things, but no one can ever take your list away from you. You control you list at all times and it is by far the biggest asset you will ever build in your business. So I urge you to start list building now… your better future depends on it!

Things to Look for When Shopping for Condo Rentals

When it comes to finding the best living arrangements for your vacation outings, there are a few things you can do to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for. The more time and research you put into your search, the better your outcome will be. Here are a few suggestions to help get you started so you can find condo rentals that fit your preferences.

You need to think about what area you are going to.

Depending on where you are going, you need to make sure that you pick the safest locations in town. This is extremely important if you are not familiar with the area. Safety is important and since you will most likely be a tourist while you are on your vacation, you don’t want to accidentally end up in a crime-stricken of town if you happen to get lost.

Check to see if the condo rentals you are interested in are located in close proximity to local freeways and major streets. This will make it easier for you to find them and get back and forth from wherever you want to go. This will make it easier for you to get to some of the areas amenities such as grocery stores, shopping centers and other popular tourist hot spots.

What amenities would you like to be included?

During your search for condo rentals you may come across different owners offering different types of amenities to help entice you to rent from them. While extras are not a bad thing, you need to be cautious and think about whether or not you will be taking advantage of any of those extras. It doesn’t make much sense for you to pay for a particular place because you liked all of the amenities that were being thrown in and yet you have not intentions of using them.

Look early

Keep in mind that condo rentals are very popular. In order for you to get the best deals, you have to start your search way in advance of any trips you plan on taking. Even if you are not entirely sure when you will be taking a vacation, it doesn’t hurt for you to check periodically and compare rates. You never know when you will come across a good deal. Also, since these types of rentals are very popular, you will have less competition if you start looking early on. You are not the only person that may be interested in the same places in the area.

Make sure you have several backup condo rentals in mind. If by chance you are not able to make reservations at your first choice, you can still make reservations at your second or third choice without having to make any major changes to your vacation plans. Once you have chosen your living arrangements for your vacation, you can get ready to start having some fun in the sun.

Things I Have Learnt About Commercial Real Estate Prospecting

In commercial real estate today, the prospecting model that you develop will make or break your career. Far too many agents overlook the requirement to develop a prospecting model as part of their business day and business week.

It takes about three months to establish and grow your contact base from consistent prospecting. It takes about the same time to lose momentum in both listings and commissions.

Most people are entering the commercial real estate industry understand the need to prospect and cold call. Unfortunately most of those people will reluctantly undertake the process and avoid it at every opportunity. Over time that will have significant impact on their income and market share.

Here are some ideas to help you with your commercial real estate prospecting model. You can use a variety of these strategies and add some of your own based on your local area.

  1. Understand where your market is located. Determine exactly where your business will be coming from. That will involve both a geographical area, and or property type. You can then focus your efforts into the region and talk to the right people.
  2. Know who you should talk to. When it comes to talking to business proprietors and property investors, the right people with the correct levels of decision or control should really be the focus of your attention. The business community will offer great opportunity to you providing you prospect into it every day. You will find so many leads relating to tenancies, rentals, sales, and purchases. Asking the right questions is the key to the process.
  3. Have something worthwhile to say. The people that we talk to have limited time and will initially give us little of their attention. For this reason, the first initial point of contact has to be relevant and to the point. This says that you should have something worthwhile to say that is of interest to the prospect. You may specialize in sales, leasing, or property management. Your opening conversation should center on one or more of those issues and how it may be of some use to the prospect.
  4. Create supporting systems as part of your contact call process. It is a fact that we should be talking to many people every day. The only way you can effectively do this is to have some form of database and follow-up system. It is a personal process that cannot be delegated to administrative staff. In only that way will you achieve ownership and accuracy of the data.
  5. Take action every day. Systemized action will get you further into your market so that you can assess results when it comes to meetings, listings, and commissions. The prospecting process should feature as one of the first items in your diary every day.
  6. Return to the same people as part of a contact plan. Over a 90 day period you should be returning to the right people that have some relevance to your property market and or market share. It is quite likely that it will take three or four telephone calls to the right person before you will get a meeting. Consistency is the key to the process.
  7. Have something relevant to talk about and some information that the prospect requires. A successful contact process will normally involve relevant information that is up to date relating to the local property market. You can create a newsletter as part of that process.

The prospecting process is a very specific business process. When you treat it with respect, your commercial real estate market can be much stronger with both listings and commissions.

What are E-Cigarette Cartridges?

Electronic cigarettes are available in many different styles such as mini, pen style, cigar style, traditional cigarette and much more. Those using ecigs report that they find the device to be much better in helping them quit smoking than other quit smoking devices. They give the same kind of sensation as that of smoking a traditional cigarette, but without the side effects.

How do electronic cigarettes work? They have a battery which is used to work an atomizer. The atomizer heats up the nicotine cartridge that vaporizes when the device is switched on giving off vapor-like smoke that dissolved in the air quickly, but which gives a same feeling as taking a drag on a traditional cigarette.

E-Cigarette cartridges contain the nicotine solution that vaporizes when the device is activated. The vapor when inhaled gives the same sense of satisfaction as that of smoking a traditional cigarette, but without the side effects. Those using ecigs report that the device mimics a real cigarette to the T’ and that they did not feel like smoking so often or getting back to using their usual pack again.

E-Cigarette cartridges are available in different flavors. You can find the traditional cigarette flavors such as Marlboro or Camel and there are also a range of non-nicotine flavors such as menthol, melon, strawberry, pepsi, champagne, orange, lilac, whiskey and vanilla. Nicotine solutions are available in different nicotine dosages such as 68 mg/ml, 1014 mg/ml, 1618 mg/ml, and 2054 mg/ml.

When starting out on ecigs, user begin with a nicotine solution that has a higher level of nicotine level because they feel more like the traditional cigarette brand that they have been using so far and then reduce the nicotine level. There are electronic cigarette cartridges available with zero nicotine levels.

Instead of opting for refill nicotine cartridges, you can refill existing cartridges by yourself. Open the cartridge device and use a paperclip to remove the liquid container from it. Add juice to the container using a dropper and do not overfill. Make sure that the cartridge is filled correctly. Push the container back into the cartridge device, which is to be placed into the atomizer.

ECigsUnlimited provides a range of e-cigarettes and electronic cigarette cartridges at the most reduced rates. You can find them in different styles along with a range of accessories that can be used to enhance device usage.

Best Over the Counter Age Spot Remover

Over the counter age spot remover is one of the hottest selling products in the anti aging skin care market, because nobody wants to walk around with highly visible indicators of age upon their skin. These marks do not really have anything to do with your physical age however, as they are simply products of extended exposure to the sun. It has been pounded into the psyche they are signs of a person advancing into the latter stages of their life due to the timing of their appearance.

Nobody wants to feel as though they are slipping into decline, and though it embarrasses sufferers to have other see them this way it does more damage so as the way that the person sees themselves. Companies have taken advantage of the psychological implications of the development of this harmless hyperpigmentation by flooding the marked with skin whitening products.

What most over the counter age spot remover contains in order to help you reduce the random overproduction of melanin are compounds that I would not advise you to let anywhere near your skin. While effective in slowly removing the discoloration marking your skin, these compounds are not healthy at all. They could in fact take a serious toll on your health, and lightening your skin is simply not worth that.

One ingredient popular for lightening the skin is hydroquinone, which is banned in Europe and may soon be elsewhere as well. Hydroquinone is suspected to potentially cause an increased rate of tumors, mononuclear cell leukemia, and heptocellular and renal tube cell adenomas. It can also cause a disfiguring disease in which blue-black pigments are deposited in your skin.

Other over the counter age spot remover features mercury (II) chloride and ammoniated mercury as the primary melanin reducers. All forms of mercury are highly toxic to humans, and the accumulation of these compounds in your system due to repeated application of the formula can make you incredibly ill. Let me tell you about the only safe option you have for reducing the melanin content of your skin.

The safest and most effective over the counter age spot remover features Extrapone nutgrass root extract, which is proven to reduce melanin by as much as 40%. This eliminates the spots that you have, prevents new ones from forming, and the all Uncategorized ingredients heal your skin and make you look younger. This is the only skin whitening formula that I would consider using.

Three Tips to Run a Car Wash Business

The car wash business is considered as a safe business, as it provides regular profits. It is not a sector that millionaires would like to dabble in. However, it does offer people, who look for reliable investment options and are willing to work hard, an opportunity to do something worthwhile.

As with any other business, the car wash business too has its own tricks of the trade. It is definitely a sure-fire profit making sector. However, that does not mean that you just have to start a company and profits will follow automatically. No business ever guarantees that.

The following are some tips on how to run a car wash business professionally and profitably:

Tip 1: Invest wisely in cleaning machines

Cleaning machines have to be the first priority of the investor. There is no use or purpose of spending extravagantly to buy the so-called best machines. On the other hand, it would be disastrous to buy the cheapest machines. You need to do a bit of home work before making the purchasing decision.

The problem with auto detailing is that it requires the use of multiple cleaning machines. An automobile consists of different types of surfaces, with each having varying levels of hardness. The exterior body and engine parts are hard and sturdy, windshield glasses are obviously, and fabric seat upholstery and carpets are soft.

A single machine cannot be used to clean all these types of surfaces. As a result, a car wash business essentially requires different types of machines that are pressure washers for cleaning the hard surfaces and carpet cleaners to clean the soft surfaces. Steam cleaners, too, do a good job of cleaning the hard surfaces.

Tip 2: Focus on quick delivery

One of the secrets of success of an auto detailing business is the quick delivery of the vehicles. In this busy world, owners want the vehicles as quickly as possible. The average delivery time in this business now can be within several hours. So, how can you ensure that the cleaning is done quickly?

Employing the right mobile car wash machines would help. You should use carpet cleaners equipped with low flow technology and pressure washers having a low flow rate. Using steam cleaners with dry vapor output is another good option.

In short, make sure that all the car detailing machines transfer less quantity of water on to the vehicle surfaces. While doing this, you have to ensure that there is no compromise on speed or efficiency of the mobile car wash machine.

Tip 3: Use green chemicals

A good cleaning agent improves the cleaning power and speed of most car detailing machines. However, synthetic detergents do more harm than good. These products improve the efficiency of car wash equipment, but leave more toxic residues on the vehicle surfaces than the dirt they help to remove.

This is the reason why most reputable suppliers recommend using green chemicals along with their car wash equipment. These products are derived from plants and vegetables, and do not contain a single toxic substance.

Grow a Wealth Building System by Learning Internet Marketing Skills With a Free New Wealth Report

Well you may not know it but to build wealth you must use internet marketing strategies and techniques because Internet marketing is the lifeblood of any affiliate, network marketer or home based business. Therefore you need to understand that internet marketing may sound complex but it is a skill you can develop and learn. So if success is mandatory now in your business then getting web traffic is a must so here are some of the skills you need to master to build international wealth in your business.

When it comes to building wealth, especially international wealth, which is very possible on the internet, then you need to understand:

  1. The basics of internet marketing and the importance of it to your business.
  2. How to choose an internet marketing system to market your business.
  3. How to understand the marketing lingo and the many ways people use the same term to mean many things.
  4. The importance of an autoresponder selection so you can start to build a profitable list.
  5. That you need to discover how to get yourself into profitability sooner rather than later.
  6. The funded proposal system to support your initial business advertising costs.
  7. The selection process that helps you develops your affiliate programs as part of your funded proposal system.
  8. That you have to build the foundation of your business by working your way from the simple and easy to the complex.
  9. The necessity of daily business activity means you will have many monotonous,repetitive activities and you will need to become much more efficient.
  10. That these monotonous, repetitive activities require you to learn how the process of developing and using automated business solutions.
  11. That you will need to learn the nuances of your competition and what they are doing so you can stay one step ahead of them.
  12. How to perform the most important activity which is the advertising of your business because there are many, many different types of advertising and you need to master a number of them.
  13. That once you advertise you need to learn how to track and monitor all your activities to ensure you are performing profitable activities.

To gain international wealth, you should explore the internet marketing strategies and techniques that you can use to promote your business. You can create your prosperity marketing system that helps you develop your international wealth. These strategies will improve and shore up your business’s general marketing objectives.

Europe – The Best Way to Explore Your Destinations

Our main modes of transportation consisted of the Eurorail, TGV, Metro and walking. But, as with every other aspect of trip planning, it is important to research because there are numerous options available.

There is the choice of whether to get first or second class train tickets; there really is a difference between the two although in the end, they both get you to where you want to go. With first class the seats are very comfortable, there is leg room and ample space for luggage, as well as drinks are offered by passing porters. We chose this option because of the length of time we would be spending on Eurorail while travelling through three different countries.

However, from Paris to Switzerland, we chose the TGV train system which travels at 320 km hour and often faster. This cut our train travel for this leg of our journey from over six hours to about three hours. We chose not to make reservations which would have been an additional cost, deciding to take our chances on not having to wait. Because we left early for the train station, and because the trains leave hourly, we were fortunate in not having a long wait time.

While in Switzerland we were able to use our Eurorail pass. If we had not had this pass, we would’ve had to purchase Swiss passes for transportation while in Switzerland. Our Eurorail pass also gave us passage on the ferries in both Lucerne and Interlacken as well as the cogwheel trains we took up Rigi Kulm Mountain and Jungfrauloch Mountain in Switzerland.

When we purchased our rail passes, based on the fact that we would be travelling to three countries, we got the three country, seven day pass which was ideal for our requirements although as it turned out, the two country pass would’ve been sufficient since the TGV had to be purchased separately. The cost of the pass is determined by the number of countries you visit and the number of days you are using your pass. Purchasing Eurorail passes outside of Europe is cheaper. The open tour bus in Rome was an additional cost. When we were travelling by train, we had to be aware of what the station before our stop was so we could get our luggage and be ready to leave the train when it came into the station.

While in Paris and Rome, we used the Metro system of transportation or by walking to our destinations. Both Metro systems were quite easy to use and in Paris in particular, almost every station had people available to answer questions. Also in Paris, the route you needed to take to get to the train level you wanted, was very clearly marked on the walls at each fork. While in Rome we only used their Metro system one day and had clear instructions on which line we needed to take and the station we had to get off. In both Paris and Rome Metro systems, the next station is shown overhead on a flashing sign so you are given ample warning.

The only taxi we took while in Europe was to the airport to catch our flights home. We could have taken a shuttle or bus to the train station which, between connections, would have taken several hours. For an early morning flight, and with the difficulty of having luggage to worry about, the cost of a taxi was well worth the extra money spent.

Before travelling, make sure to research, plan and organize so that things will go as smoothly as possible and time isn’t wasted trying to get information when that time could be spent travelling and getting to your point of destination more quickly. This is especially true when your travel time is limited as ours was – three countries, eight cities and other specific areas in just two weeks.

Signs and Symptoms of Teen Drug Abuse

Teenagers are highly susceptible to drug abuse. Unaware of the risks associated, teens initiate and continue drug abusing habits risking their precious lives. Parents should keep an eye on their children and looks for signs and symptoms of drug abuse to save them from this harmful habit.

Following are warning signs and symptoms that indicate teen drug abuse:

Physical and health issues:

Intake of drugs by teens, mostly affects the brain. The brain is still in a developing stage till the age of 25 years. Therefore, when teens use harmful drugs like nicotine, cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy or any other illicit substances, they quickly get addicted to it when compared to adults.

Other physical and health issues that are associated with drug abuse are:

•Kidney, liver and heart failure
•Red and glazed eyes
•Weight loss or weight gain
•Running nose
•Dental problems

Changes in appetite:

Teenagers addicted or prone to drug abuse, either eat more or less than they need. You can notice change in their eating habits. You will also notice that either the teen has gained or lost weight. Some other drastic changes that may indicate drug abuse in teens are, change in sleep pattern and hobbies, angry outbursts and clothing style.

Depression, anxiety or moodiness:

Many teens use drugs to feel the high. But they are unaware that using drugs will deal with problems such as anxiety, depression and mood swings. Sudden behavioral changes in teens could be a sign of hormonal changes or it could be due to drug abuse. Pay attention to such sudden and drastic changes in teens, as it could be an indication that they are in trouble and need help from their loved ones.

Neglecting physical appearance:

Normally teens are very conscious and concerned about their physical appearance, grooming, clothing and personal hygiene. Teens who abuse drugs often focus less on their physical appearance. They don’t want to maintain even their personal hygiene and cleanliness. They don’t care about the way they look.

Change in friends:

Teenagers addicted to drugs drop regular old friends. They join new groups of friends. The change in friends and new hangouts, and getting very secretive about the new friends, is a clear indication that the teen is with a wrong group of friends, who will encourage the teen to experience drugs.

Unexplained need for money:

Illicit drugs are expensive. Teens consuming illicit drugs may ask for money quite often, without giving any specific reason. Their unexplained need for money, if not fulfilled, may lead to loss of money from their parents’ wallet, valuables missing from home or borrowing money from friends and relatives. Parents should keep a close watch on their teens, when it comes to money matters.

To detect/confirm drug abuse, use reliable drug test kits:

On discovering your teen abusing illicit drugs, you can prevent situation from worsening, by detecting/confirming drug abuse in the privacy of your home, by using reliable, accurate, fast and FDA-approved drug test kits.

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